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The club will be allowing the reservation of numbers in 2018 as we have done in previous years.

For 2018 the annual fee for reservation of numbers has been reduced to just $30. This has been done to encourage more entrants to have a reserved number which makes event organisation easier.

The cost of 2018 event entry, without numbers, will be will be $20 higher for each event.

Members who reserve their numbers are expected to provide their own numbers. Options for purchasing and attaching your own numbers are given below. If you do not choose to provide your own numbers, the Club will provide stick on numbers at each event, but as noted, your entry cost will be $20 higher.

Click Here for information on optional magnetic numbers

StreetFX manufacturers competition numbers/decal kits and magnetic backings.  

StreetFX offers online ordering.  CAMS decals - click here and CAMS magnetic backings - click here

Aussie Magnets can also assist to supply your own numbers. Click Here for the Aussie magnets website.

Members may request any number from the available sheet. It is on a first come, first served basis on receipt of a reservation booking.

Number 1 is allocated by the Club to the Club Champion each year. Numbers 100 -120 inclusive are reserved for Entrée Class.

Click Here to book online

Please email Lisa at for further information. 



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