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2021: PCT currently has 193 Tasmanian members (176 ordinary + 17 junior (dependants)

So , you've bought a Porsche or are thinking of such a purchase. Your investment will reflect the status and heritage characteristic of the marque. Originally a constructor of small sports cars , in the 90s Porsche recognised the need to diversify its portfolio and so now there is a Porsche to suit everyone. Whether a modern sports/GT car , luxury SUV or sports saloon is your choice - or whether classic cars hold special appeal - there is no doubt you will be well satisfied with the extremely high quality of vehicles from Porsche.

Please browse past issues of the club newsletter to appreciate the variety of activities offered. 


Porsche owners are a special breed , yet within the breed there is a tremendous diversity of people .

Some say before ownership it is pronounced Porsche ; new owners correctly pronounce it "Porsch-a" , the "a" without undue emphasis - it's an Austrian family name!

Here are some reasons people decide to own a Porsche :

1. Status - these are very special cars , and ownership sets you apart from others,

2. They respect the outstanding styling & engineering , born of a company of engineers and designers who understood the importance of continual race-born development - "win on Sunday , sell on Monday".

3. They seek an highly reliable , powerful & safe car with superb resale value ,

4. They require a highly collectible classic car, but not a lemon!

Here are some reasons they elect to join our club :

1. They wish to explore the huge capabilities of their car on the state's closed race circuits - driver education days and hillclimbs provide ample opportunity to drive the Porsche quickly and safely. Very very few people truly discover the limits of their cars' engineering,

2. They wish to learn more about their car's engineering and features - and perhaps how to perform some or most of the maintenance and upgrades,

3. They enjoy fine dining . Many club events are centred upon better quality hospitality facilities , reflecting the aspire to excellence ethos that pervades the marque.

4. They appreciate the world class scenery and roads that define our beautiful state

5. Perhaps most of all , they realise life is too short to not own a Porsche!

Of course the choice of models is huge - 911 (from old to new : T,E,L,S, 964,993,996,997,991,992) , 924 , 931 , 944 , 951 , 968 , 914 , 356 , Cayenne , Cayman , Macan , Panamera ,Boxster, Taycan. 

Older Porsches whilst brilliant cars , tend to have special foibles & needs. Prospective purchasers must perform due diligence to ensure their model is a sound investment. Club members can assist with advice in this respect.

We can but dream of a 550 , 718 , 904 , 908 , 910 , 917 , 918, 911RS, 934 , 935 , 938 , 956 or 962 - however we rest confident that the many engineering refinements of these incredible racers has in one way shape or form found its way into our own road going Porsches.