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In 1963, the very first Porsche 911 was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show bearing the designation 901. Following objections from Peugeot Porsche replaced the 0 with a 1. The 911 was born, taking over the mantle the 356 had established.

The 911 came with a horizontally opposed 6 -cylinder engine and represented a significant advance over the 356 it replaced. To ease the transition the 912 was introduced, using the 911 body, suspension and transmission but a 4 cylinder engine from the 356SC. Initially 912 production outstripped production of the 911, but as the 911 matured, production of the 912 decreased. Production right hand drive 912’s ceased at the end of the 1969 model year.

The Early 911/912 Register of the Porsche Club NSW Inc was established to enable those who own and / or appreciate this iconic motorcar to gather together at specific Early 911/912 oriented events. It is not a splinter group, merely an informal and social gathering of like-minded enthusiasts. Its aim is to enhance the ownership experience and to facilitate communication.

The Register also benefits from being part of a large, dynamic and friendly club.

Register Delegate: John Marosszeky