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987S 3.4 litre Cayman/Boxster Engine

Complete M97.21 Engine, 2006 Cayman S. It is disassembled and boxed up. Receipts for new & reconditioned parts are available.

Reassemble | use the parts | turn into the mega motor you have always wanted

Includes: Crankshaft & support case, reconditioned by Crankshaft Rebuilders (Melbourne); 6 new conrods; new Rings & Bearings; new IMS bearing (987/997IMS58mm from Vertex Auto US)

Parts list: Crankshaft & support case, Crank case halves, Cylinder heads (assembled), Pistons, Con rods, Gasket set, Rings & bearings, Timing chains, lMS shaft & bearing, Fuel rails, Injectors, Alternator, Power Steering pump, Wiring loom (manual), Intake manifold, All other ancillary parts to complete engine.

Also: second Crank Shaft (damaged), 3 good used conrods, second PS pump.

$11,000 ono, David 02 8513 2980