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Porsche returned to production of a true Roadster in 1993 with the unveiling of the Boxster prototype design specification 986 at the Detroit Motor Show. Even then, the Boxster was a hit with buyers, many placing immediate orders, even though the Boxster would not be available until late 1996 in Europe and for the first time in the US at the L.A. Motor Show in January of 1997. Starting with a 2.5L engine, the scope was there for further development and indeed, Porsche drivers wanted more HP, which resulted in the standard Boxster engine growing to 2.7L and the Boxster S being released with a 3.2L powerplant in 1999. The term Boxster comes from a combination of the engine specification 'Boxer' and the term 'Roadster'. The Boxster styling is reminscent of the old Porsche 550 Spyder, with even a 'deck lid' available to recapture that 550 feeling, although with a much uprated level of performance, especially in the 'Boxster' S.

The Boxster Register is designed for those who love these two seat cars. We are advantaged in being a part of the Porsche Club of NSW and benefitting from the great people, and excellent infrastructure of the club, whilst still being able to pursue our love affair with these beautiful cars.

Please feel free to contact me at your leisure, as I'm at most meetings and would love to chat with fellow Boxster owners/enthusiasts. My contact details can be found in Porsche Power, the official Club Magazine.

Register Delegate: John Marosszeky