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The Porsche 914 was built from 1969 to 1976 with almost 119,000 being made in that timeframe, about 3300 being the six-cylinder versions.

The concept was originally for a Volkswagen project with the design by Porsche and intended to replace VW's Typ 34 Karmann Ghia. This mid-engined convertible was to top VW's model line and used the VW 411 sedan's four-cylinder motor.

The spinoff for Porsche was a new entry-level car using the Porsche 2 litre six instead of the VW 411 four. The trimmed body shells were sent from Karmann to Porsche where the mechanicals were added on Porsche's own production lines.

The four was to be sold as a Typ 47 in VW's showrooms and the 914-6 was to be sold alongside the 911s of the day.

Unfortunately, Porsche lost their project sponsor at Volkswagen with the death of Heinz Nordhoff in 1968,the outcome being that Porsche were obliged to take over the whole project, both fours, and sixes.

None were ever made at Karmann in right-hand drive and hence none sold in Australia in the day.

Some press reviews of the day were less than complimentary of both the -4 and the -6 but time has been shown that the excellent chassis dynamics and the strong bodyshell combined with lightweight have provided a driving experience ahead of its time.

The 914 has consequently been the neglected gem in the Classic Porsche story in Australia and its time to correct this.

Register Delegate: Dennis Brooks