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On June 15th, 1948, Porsche 356-001 was first registered. Less than one month later – it had garnered its first winner’s laurel, winning its class in a street race through Innsbruck.

Having a tubular chassis and an 1100cc engine, the first Porsche was both light and swift. Development continued until 1965. The body shapes, engines, transmissions and braking systems all evolved. Ferry Porsche’s opinion was that only 500 of these cars would ever be sold, however by 1965 over 76,000 of these charismatic “bathtubs” would be produced. Over this 17 year period 356’s, 356A’s, 356B’s, 356C’s and 356SC’s were produced. 356 Carrera’s, equipped with the Fuhrmann- designed “quad-cam” engine were also produced.

With close links to the Australian 356 Register the register was set up specifically to enable those who own or love these endearing little machines to gather together at specific 356 oriented events. Its aim is to enhance the ownership experience and open up communication. As a subset of the Porsche Club of NSW, with its 750 members, the 356 Register is well placed to benefit from being part of a large, dynamic and friendly club.

Register Delegate: Ernie Panaioli