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Porsche acquired the rights to the 924 Porsche design which was contracted by Volkswagen to be the VW Type 477. VW dropped the project due to financial concerns, but Porsche persevered to produce a classic line of cars, and in 1976, the very first 924's were available on the market. A radical departure from the design of the 356 and 911 series, the 924 had a water cooled engine, located in the front of the car. The 924 grew and developed up until 1985 with improvements to the powerplant, drive train and trim, seeing the 924 grow more and more into a great Porsche. In 1979 Porsche released the 924 Turbo (Porsche Design Code 931), which gave the 924 a serious performance boost. The turbo model remained in production until 1984. The ultimate expression of the 924 was the GT (Porsche Design Code 937) series produced in 1981 in GT, GTS and GTR forms. The 924S, featured the 944 drive train in the 924 body, giving a lighter, and more aerodynamic car than the standard 944, and was produced between 1986 and 1988.


Introduced in 1982, the Porsche 944 was a natural development of the 924 series, taking up where the 924 Turbo had left off. Production of the various models of the 944 ran all the way through to 1991. The 944 can be found in various guises, being the basic 944 with a 2.5L engine, the 1989 2.7L engine (the only year this engine was produced), the 1986-88 944 Turbo, the 1988-89 Turbo S, the 1987-88 944S, and the 1989-1992 944S2. Each model adding refinement and power, as would be expected by a true Porsche.


1992 saw the introduction of the final evolution of the 924 design series, the 968. Produced until 1995, the 968 had a completely revised body style, and was available as both a coupe and cabriolet. The 968 used a modified 944S2 3.0L engine, fitted with the VarioCam system.

Whilst the 924, 944 and 968 are no longer in production, at the Porsche Club NSW Inc, there are many enthusiasts who love this beautiful series of cars. The 924/944/968 Register was set up to provide a method of those with a passion for these fine cars to get together at specifically oriented 924/944/968 events, as well as providing a networking tool to enable communication and socialising amongst these people. The Register, being a part of the Porsche Club of NSW, benefits from being part of a large, dynamic and friendly club where the common denominator is a passion for Porsche.

Register Delegate : Fred DCruz