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President’s Report

Time for Change
It’s the end of an era for me after 10 years on the National Committee, including three as VP and three as President, it’s time to put myself out to pasture.

My motivation to join the Committee at the time was to see the Club run more track days. As a then recently new Porsche owner, I had discovered track days and the joys of 15 minutes at the redline and wanted to see the Club run more spirited driving events. 

We take these events for granted now, but the Porsche Club was instrumental in facilitating a format of driver training and running track days which would enable our Club members to get track day insurance cover, and I believe we were the first car club to privately hire Leadfoot Ranch.

I also believe that the greatest value in being an active Club member is in the experiences and friendships you make along the way, so I count many Club members as good friends and have enjoyed many Porsche experiences within NZ and overseas with these people. The formation of the Rennsport Gruppe, South Island Track Tours and overseas trips to Australian and American Rennsport Reunions are all bucket list experiences that would not have been achievable without the Club and introduction to like-minded people.

Covid and the impacts on the Northern Region
We are aware that the event calendar has been light and there are a few major external events (Ellerslie Concours, Brit & Euro Car show etc) that have been cancelled. I am also aware that the Sunday lunch runs are the events most Club members attend and we are looking to reinstate them. 

The next events are the Trevor Hudson run on 10 April 22 and a lunch run to The Saw Mill Café on 08 May 22. We are always on the hunt for volunteers to run events (hint-hint Andrew Waugh), if you have a passion or clever idea for an event, please get in touch.

I wish to acknowledge the recent passing of long-time Club member Ben Harding and have sent our condolences to his family. 

Finally, I wish to thank the Club for the opportunity, I have made many friends along the way and my life is much richer in experiences due to the opportunities in these roles. I am looking forward to the next wave of members leading the Club with a recently reinvigorated National Committee.

Paul Miller - PCNZ President


Editor's Report

Life is good when I am driving my Porsche Boxster as an open cabriolet with the sun above and a clear blue sky. The day improves further at the Wenderholm Regional Park when I pull up amongst a crowd of friendly Club members, gathered on the grass and under the trees surrounded by a wonderful selection of polished examples of our favourite marque. A real picnic atmosphere prevails as individuals arrive as strangers and are made welcome. I enjoy talking to everyone while I inspect the spectacular fleet. 

Photos are taken and stories are told. Some appear in this Club magazine and some will arrive in time for future issues of Spiel. Please keep making notes and taking photos, then send your contributions to me. 

I know many of our PCNZ membership have also been occupied with a variety of activities connected to their own Porsches when I receive such a wonderful mix of stories and photographs. Thank you. 

How long have you owned your Porsche? Is it more than 25 years? Martin has owned and enjoyed his 911 and his jersey for 27 years. Tell me about your important long term relationship with a Porsche. 

What else can this Club do for you to enhance your Porsche story? Let me know your thoughts. 

Life is good and yet can always be improved. 

There are more than 700 members so there will be many more tales to be told. Accept my challenge and please flood my inbox.


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A Run (Ron’s) Into Auckland’s Outback! 
By Ross Sale


Committee Members

The Club’s affairs are managed by a Committee of volunteers elected each year at our annual general meeting. As all Committee Members are volunteers email is our preferred method of communication. Private phone numbers are not listed on this website for privacy reasons. Members are welcome to contact the Committee - a Contact Directory is published in Spiel Magazine.

President Paul Miller
Vice President Ashley Powell
Treasurer Michelle Neville
Secretary Gavin Nauschutz
Spiel Editor Peter Stewart
Club Administrator Teresa Conway
Committee Andrew Anderson
Committee Chris Barendreat
Committee Roger Carter
Committee Steff Chambers
Committee Russell Jones
Committee Chris King
Committee Graeme Lindsay
Committee Dan Reeves
Committee Steve Protheroe
Committee Camilla Welch