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75 Years of Porsche
Officially approved Porsche Club 54

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President’s Report

Andrew Anderson

I mentioned in the last Spiel that I would be attending the South Island Driver Training at Levels International Raceway on Saturday 4 August. In fact, we had a total of four visiting instructors at that event, the other three coming down from Auckland to make up the numbers of instructors and also to achieve some commonality between Northern and Southern driver training days. 

With Steff Chambers having just completed her first Northern Driver Training event, it was instructive for her to see how the Southern Driver Training event was run as useful ideas flowed in both directions. Michael Neville and our Vice President Paul Miller were the other Northern instructors called in to help out on the day. 

Although the track was damp in the morning, Timaru stayed dry for the event and 25 members were able to enjoy their Porsche to its fullest potential during the afternoon sessions. 

A number of members asked their instructors to drive a few laps and I was lucky to be able to enjoy sessions in a manual Boxster S and a manual 996 Targa. Thank you, Lethal Lee and David MacDonald, for the opportunity to be more than just a passenger at Driver Training!

We finished the day with our usual awards dinner at the Benvenue Hotel in Timaru and then a few ventured out for a walk around town to settle our stomachs. 

As I had to drive back to Blenheim on Sunday, the early rise the next day reminded me that I cannot stay up as late as I used to! Luckily, I had company for the trip back with Guy Randall (and Laura) returning to Blenheim as well.

The rest of August and September have seen an active program of events in all regions and Drive Your Porsche Day on Sunday 16 September saw 90 Porsches out on the roads in all regions except Southern, where 15 Porsches will be driving on the weekend of 21-23 September as part of their Southern Weekend of the Year (SWOTY). 

We had 60 Porsches hitting the backroads south of Auckland and while I believe everyone enjoyed the day, not all of the locals were happy. 

I received a couple of emailed complaints about ‘overly enthusiastic driving’ (politely abridged from what was actually said) and I think it is a timely reminder that as a car club, we are very visible to the public and need to be a little careful as to how we behave when in large numbers. Enough said.

The 919 Tribute tour ends on 30 September, with the final appearance of the 919 Evo at Rennsport Reunion 6, Laguna Seca on 26-29 September. After that I believe the car is returning to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart to go on display. 

I am looking forward to attending this event with about 20 other PCNZ members and will be staying at the track in a campervan with three others. By the time you read this we will be back in New Zealand, so expect a few pictures and stories in our last Spiel of the year.

Spring has definitely arrived in the South Island and it’s certainly a great time to get out for a drive, so keep an eye on the events calendar, or if it’s a fine day, grab the keys and drive your Porsche. 


Peter Stewart

You are all invited to visit our revamped PCNZ webpages that now reflect the new fresh design style. Explore the changes by a click on the tabs to reveal new content. The photo galleries and video links have been updated to show 2018 happenings and will continue to grow to reflect what is happening.  

The 356 group now have a direct link available from the home page and I want this to grow become an archive of relevant information. 

The Porsche racing series tab includes race reports and photo galleries.

The PCNZ Facebook is ok for telling you what is about to happen and to give you interesting photos of today’s events BUT is not useful if you are wanting to know about what was posted yesterday or before. Keep on checking in on our ever changing Facebook and our PCNZ webpages.

All suggestions and contributions welcomed.




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The Club’s affairs are managed by a Committee of volunteers elected each year at our annual general meeting. As all Committee Members are volunteers email is our preferred method of communication. Private phone numbers are not listed on this website for privacy reasons. Members are welcome to contact the Committee - a Contact Directory is published in Spiel Magazine.

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