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Show Cars and Go Cars

By Martin Buglass

I’ve always been into cars in all their flavours and have always admired the varied tribes that we all align ourselves to, whether that be the V8 Muscle Cars and Hot Rods which we have a lot of in the Waikato, or MG owners, Fords, Holdens, Japanese....the list goes on and we are all super passionate about the church/brand we affiliate ourselves to.

I grew up in Northamptonshire UK, not far from a ¼ mile drag strip called Santa Pod, which hosts petrol head events throughout the year and often provided the soundtrack to our childhood Sundays, hearing one of the Dragster’s burn-out and then complete the strip in five seconds.

It wasn’t the Top Fuelers or Dragsters that first had me attending the famous “Pod” but rather an annual weekend of fun called Bug Jam, a VW/air cooled festival with attendees in excess of 50,000 camping, polishing and generally letting loose. Whether your attendance was getting your ¼ mile time, ‘Show n Shine’ competitions, concerts etc, it was like Glastonbury with AC cars, you get the idea.

A great weekend of likeminded folk sharing their passion for Wolfburg’s finest, along with a special corner for Stuttgart’s finest.

My first Show Car for the event was Bea, my MK1 VW Caddy. The Caddy, with the help of a group of friends was stripped and rebuilt with a 16v engine and gearbox and Lamborghini Yellow paint. However, whilst that whip was good fun, it was always the Stuttgart display where I found myself lingering and drooling with fond memories of the 930 that adorned my bedroom wall as a child.