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I recently attended the first Coffee and Cars at the Mt. Smart Stadium with my Porsche 356A Coupe hoping there would be a few 356 examples there, so perhaps the chance to meet up and tell lies with the owners or just stroll around.

Well, there were three car parks full to overflowing of beautiful and varied classics ranging from European, American and Japanese cars of all descriptions, row upon row of ….” you name them, they were there!”

After parking my Coupe behind a couple of late model Porsches I headed for the strategically placed Coffee Cart and joined the queue. After a quick question to the chap in front of me. “Is this the line for orders?” I received a nod followed by a question, “Is that your Porsche 356 over there?” I replied that it was and then waited for a follow up question. Well, the response blew my socks off when this unknown character stated that he owned a number of 356s in the UK.