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 Sunday, 23 July 2023

Hampton Downs Track Experience - Full Day National Circuit

Registrations closed.

These days there are very few opportunities for you to enjoy your Porsche to its full capabilities without fear of losing your licence. Use all the revs and enjoy the sound and performance of your Porsche where this is encouraged rather than frowned upon. Do it in a safe environment with drivers grouped by speed and experience.  This is a fun day not a race day to drive at the speed you like while being mindful of others in your group. 

With Pukekohe closed, there are now very few events where you can run your car on track and more so if you want to run with insurance cover. This will be the only Porsche Club Trackday held in the North Island this year. Those who have had track insurance before should be covered with the usual provisos.  If you want to run with insurance, you need to make arrangements with your own insurance company.

Drivers will be placed in one of four groups - Experienced, Medium, Beginner and Ladies. Groups may be adjusted to suit the entries we receive to ensure smooth running of the day.  Each group will be no more than 16 cars for insurance purposes and each session will be 15 minutes, again for insurance.  Each group should get at least 4 sessions.  

The event will be run for us by Mike Eady, Tracktime Driving Academy, who ran our recent Driver Training events. Driving Instructors will be available on the day and can instruct on a per session basis.  This is at an additional cost of $60 per session paid directly to Tracktime on the day.

Lunch will be available at the excellent Aoraki Cafe at Hampton Downs - own cost.

Cost for the day is $350.00 per driver (can share a car).

All drivers must be pre-registered – no driver registrations taken at the track

To participate you simply need a driver’s licence, helmet and overalls (either flame retardent overalls or a racing suit). Limited numbers will be available for hire direct from HD. Your Porsche (or other model of car), should be road registered with current WOF. To comply with insurance requirements this event is for road registered cars only. 

We recommend that you either get your car serviced or check it over yourself, paying particular attention to fluid levels (brake fluid, oil, water, transmission fluid etc), plus making sure that your brake pads will be up to the job.  Also check your tyres and tyre pressures. Ensure that they are at a good level for track driving to avoid excessive tyre wear or sidewall damage during cornering. Check the boot and interior of your car and remove any loose objects which could slide about.

Registration from 8.30. Safety briefing at 9.30.

Any queries please contact Leong Goh 021 730 658



Lunch time Drive/Parade on Track

For those who would like to take friends or family out for a few laps on the track we will be running lunch time parade laps. These laps will be in groups behind a lead car at speeds of no more than 120kmh. Helmets not required. You do not have to participate in the trackday to participate in the parade laps. 

Cost $55 per car. Pre-Registration Required.

If you would like to do this, you will need to pay direct on the day.