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Photos by Graham Lister

“Three in One” 

The world was turned upside down and a lot of things changed in 2020 due to the Covid-19 virus. Forced lockdowns saw normal life go out the window. international travel from New Zealand was out of the question. Business models changed for ever and the unemployment rate grew.

None of these were predicted at the end of 2019, but looking back now on 2020 New Zealand faired a lot better than most other countries due to our isolation and determination.

Five million people played to the script and followed the best medical advice to avoid the spread of this dreadful virus.

In 2019 following the release of my first book “The Twenty” which took ten years to research, compile and publish I declared that I would never tackle another book. How things changed; with weeks and weeks of forced personal isolation, not leaving home for other than to buy provisions and to practice your social distancing with an early morning local walk.