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 Saturday, 29 July 2023

Registrations closed.

Members are encouraged to come to Timaru on Friday 28th and join us for a casual dinner at Monteiths on Bay Hill.

Scrutineering at Levels starts at 8:00am on Saturday 29 July.

The morning will comprise at least 3 exercises: 

  • Braking – teaching you how to use your brakes in extremish situations, how ABS works, etc;
  • Cornering – driving up and back on a slalom course and learning to handle the steering;
  • Short circuit laps with a qualified race driver instructor involving road craft, braking, turn in, apex and accelerate out of corners.

If the weather is kind, we will add a car control exercise on grass – this is dependant on the condition of the grass surface and the weather on the day.

After lunch, you will go out in groups of no more than 10 cars, with instructors on the full track to learn more about handling the car and building up your skill levels.

The day ends at around 5pm when we retire to town.

Then at about 6pm we get together for drinks and will go to another suitable establishment for a dinner.  These are at your own cost on the day.

Morning tea and lunch will be provided.

The cost of the day is $190 per drivers and $30 for spectators.  Multiple drivers of a car can be accommodated – both drivers pay the full charge.

We need 25 drivers to make the day viable and can accommodate 40 drivers.

Registered drivers will receive Supplementary Regs, Safety Plan and formal Entry Form by email after registration.

Accommodation appears to be very short in Timaru for this weekend so get in quick.