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My First Taste of Racing   

By Kris Bostock

I had my first taste of racing the other day in my 991.1 Cup car and I was asked to write a few words on how I arrived here.

The long story short, personally I blame my wife Frances for me going racing. Little did she know that when she brought me an Ice Driving Experience for my 50th that the she had lit the flame! I’ve always loved cars and going fast but had never had the opportunity. Thus, no sooner had I returned back from our trip to Queenstown I was on TradeMe hunting for a suitable car.

Prior to this we were on to our third Cayenne turbo which was our wagon of choice for our numerous weekends skiing in Ohakune. Needless to say we love our Porsches and we have done quite a few Kms in them, but what I had in mind wasn’t a Cayenne, rather a suitable upgrade for some track experience. I discovered the perfect choice of weapon which was a 997 GT2 manual in black, NZ new with 16km on the clock. Got to say love at first sight.