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The success of Porsche Clubs around the world is a testament to the fact that Porsche enthusiasts love getting together to race, to display or simply to just talk about Porsche. This was exactly how the Porsche Club of Hong Kong started.

Porsche Club Hong Kong Limited (“PCHK”) was established in Hong Kong back in 1990 by Kevin Wong, Charles Kwan and a few other like minded Porsche enthusiasts. For a number of years prior to that time, enthusiasts had already been gathering and hosting different activities and enjoying and sharing with friends what the marques had to offer. However, they also realised that with a proper setup, events could be better organised and more Porsche enthusiasts could participate, and more importantly, they could share and promote the fellowship amongst Porsche owners in Hong Kong, something Porsche owners in other parts of the world had been able to enjoy for a long time. Hence, with the support of Jebsen Porsche Centre Hong Kong, the first Porsche Club in Hong Kong was formed and it remains the only Porsche Club in Hong Kong recognised by Porsche AG. Things have never looked back since then.

As you would expect from a car enthusiast’s club, most of PCHK’s activities revolve around driving your Porsches. For the keenest of them all, PCHK had organised the Porsche Club Carrera Race for a number of years where racers tested their skills against each other in 8 races held at different circuits each year. This event has been suspended for the past few years, but there are on going plans to revive this much loved series soon. Then there are the various track days and drive clinics every year which take place at the close by Zhuhai International Circuit.

In addition to indulging the speed of your Porsches on the track, PCHK organises numerous other driving events. For instance, on the first Sunday of every month, PCHK organises a morning cruise. Members gather early in the morning and cruise along a pre-selected route and finally enjoy breakfast together chatting away whatever they fancy. Then there are China drives where members can take four or five days off to experience driving and visiting scenic spots in China. Lastly, there is the latest Southeast Asian Drive. PCHK would help members ship their cars to Singapore where they would join up with members from Porsche Club Singapore and drive into Malaysia and Thailand. The first such Drive took place in 2002 and was such a huge success that PCHK was invited back to participate in subsequent years. This is truly a one of its kind experience that is hard to find elsewhere.

Besides driving, PCHK offers plenty other activities such as golf/tennis day, diving trip, Carrera Asia Cup trip, Macau Grand Prix trip or simply a get-together to watch the latest Grand Prix race. Last but not least, there is the annual charity event where we can share with those who are less fortunate. An excellent example of which was a festive party around Christmas for over 100 young and cheerful handicapped children of Kei Shun Special School. Interesting games, mouth-watering food and beverages, and attractive souvenirs were all part of the fun, not to mention the traditional Porsche ride for children driven by the members.

The above are just some of the activities that PCHK has to offer. We always welcome comments and suggestions from our members as the success of PCHK depends on their participation. Please click ‘here’ if you would like to know more about joining Porsche Club Hong Kong.

We look forward to seeing you in our next event.

Board of Directors

Chairman : Benjamin Lam

Vice- Chairman: Eldon Cheng

Treasurer: Morris Ku

Other directors: Arthur Law, Terence Ku, , Perry Leung, Charles Chan and T.K.Tong

Commitees: Antares Au, Kenny Chan, Wilson Choi and YK Chieng

Club House Address

Porsche Club Hong Kong

Flat 6, M/F., No.3 Hope Sea Industrial Centre,

Lam Lee Street, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel: +852-2336-1316

Fax: +852-2338-4394