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April 2008—BBQ and Golf Tournament

The Club organised a BBQ luncheon on Sunday, April 27 for members and their whole family at the Po Leung Kuk Pak Tam Chung Holiday Camp. Besides all the mouth watering food (including some humongous Alaskan King Crab legs and Wagu beef) graciously prepared by our member Simon Chan (Thanks!), members and, especially their children, were able to enjoy a beautiful day out in the open space and the numerous activities (such as canoeing and paddle boating) available at the Holiday Camp.

Then on the following Monday, a number of members competed in the PCHK Golf Tournament held at the Macau Golf and Country Club. It may not be the British Open but every participant took it seriously and tried to play their best game. In the end, Gordon Chan was the best player of the day, Benjamin Lam became first runner-up and Mark Chew was the second runner-up.

May 2008—Go-Kart Day

The Club organised a Go-Kart Day at the go-kart circuit in Shenzhen on Sunday, May 4. Over 20 members participated and they were all able to enjoy and feel the excitement of a racer as the day resembled a real race day. There was one practice session, one timed practice session, one qualifying session and finally, the race itself. Wing Yau, the eventual champion of the day, was awarded a trophy and Champagne!!