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General Terms and Conditions of the 47th International Porsche 356 Meeting,
Netherlands 26-29 May 2022

Dear Porsche 356 friend,

The terms of use of the website of the International Porsche 356 Meeting 2022 in the Netherlands are in accordance with the European regulations on the protection of personal data. We ask you to read and agree to the General Terms and Conditions before registering to participate in the 47th International Porsche 356 Meeting. You therefore agree to comply with the conditions for participation in the event as described in this document.


The definitions have the following meaning in these general terms and conditions:

  1. Organisor: organising committee of the Stichting Internationale Porsche 356 Meeting;
  2. Event: the International Porsche 356 Meeting held in the Netherlands from 26 to 29 May 2022 and organised by the Organisor;
  3. Participant: any person who has registered for the Event, including co-drivers, partners and companions;
  4. Locations: all places and parking spaces, other than the public road or other public places that are part of the Program of the Event.

Protection of personal data

The information collected about Participants is intended exclusively for the Organisor for the purpose of organizing the Event. The Organisor uses software that allows you to access the information strictly necessary for the proper organization of the Event online. The data for which the provision is mandatory is marked with a red star. You are therefore directly responsible for the information recorded on the Event website. The software implements a number of Cookies. You can oppose its use by prohibiting the placing of cookies in your web browser. The recipients of this data are the members of the organizing committee of the 47th International Porsche 356 Meeting. This data is not communicated or transferred to third parties. The retention period of data is limited to 30 June 2022. You have the right to access, rectify, transfer, delete or restrict the processing of your data. You can object to the processing of your data and you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting:

The chairman of the International Porsche 356 Meeting Foundation 2022
Ms R. Groen
Churchill Avenue 48-1
1078 EH Amsterdam

If you request the withdrawal of your data, you can no longer participate in the Event. However, the participation costs paid remain the property of the Organisation. You also have the option to file a complaint with a supervisory authority:

Photo and/or video images

By participating in the Event, you agree not to object to the publication of photo and/or video images depicting your vehicle, yourself and your companions. This can be a presentation of these photos and images on the internet or in the press. You also agree to waive all rights to these photos and video images.

Participation in the Event

Registration for the Event is reserved for members and their companions of a Porsche 356 Club or Porsche Classic club, which is officially recognized by Porsche AG. Also, participation is only allowed with a Porsche 356. Replicas are excluded from participation. Other car types of the Porsche brand are only permitted with the explicit permission of the Organisor. All participants must be at least 18 years old; pets are not allowed during the Event.

In addition, participation in the Event is only possible with an approved and road legal vehicle. The participating vehicle must be in good condition and at least meet the legal requirements that apply in the Netherlands and of the countries through which one travels.

By participating in the Event, you agree to our terms and conditions and to the full payment of the registration fee as described in the registration form. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the registration of a person who has not paid for his participation in time.


In the event of cancellation of participation in the Event at the request of a registered person, the amounts paid will be refunded according to the following conditions:

  • Cancellation before 31 December 2021: 90%
  • Cancellation before 31 March 2022: 50%
  • Cancellation after 31 March 2022 : 0%

In the event of cancellation of the Event by the Organisor due to force majeure, the refund conditions are as follows:

  • Reimbursement of the registration fee paid follows, after deduction of the costs incurred by the organization during the preparations of the International Porsche 356 Meeting 2022 in the Netherlands, under inspection of supporting documents of the costs incurred.
  • Force majeure in accordance with Article 6:75 of the Burgerlijk Wetboek (Dutch Civil Law) is understood to mean: abnormal and unforeseen circumstances, including an epidemic, pandemic, large-scale disease, etc., which are independent of the will of the person who invokes it and whose consequences could not be avoided despite precautions. Force majeure also means: special circumstances or calamities that make fulfillment of the agreement impossible or irresponsible.
  • If an unforeseen situation occurs during the event that prevents the event from taking place, a refund is only possible for the part of the event that has not been enjoyed and only to the extent that the Organisor saves itself costs as a result of that cancellation.

Program changes

The Organisor has the right to make changes to the published programme at any time, both before and during the Event. The Organisor will make these changes in the event of unforeseen circumstances or if the changes lead to improvement of the Event Programme. A change in the programme does not constitute grounds for recovering the registration fee paid.


Participants in the Event do so at their own risk. Each Participant is deemed to be able to assess the risks of participating in the Event. Participants themselves are liable for all personal injury and damage, material or intangible, which they inflict directly or indirectly or with their vehicle on other Participants, third parties or on material goods. Participants agree in advance that the Organisor cannot be held liable for the consequences of actions of Participants or third parties, both civil and criminal.

The Organisor cannot limit or exclude liability arising from its own actions or omissions if that act or omission is done with the intention of causing the damage or the act or omission is reckless and with the knowledge that the damage would probably result from it.

In addition to the General Terms and Conditions of the Event, conditions of the Venue may apply at the various Locations during the Event. The General Terms and Conditions of the Event will continue to apply in addition to these possibly other conditions.

The Organisor is not liable, to the extent permitted by law, for any shortcomings or otherwise harmful facts or circumstances, on or within the Locations.

Damage, Loss, Theft
The Organisor is explicitly not liable for damage to, loss and theft of goods and/or goods of Participants during the 47th International Porsche 356 Meeting.


Dutch law applies to all agreements concluded with the Organisor of the Event. Disputes arising from these General Terms and Conditions and/or in relation to the Event will be settled by Rechtbank Midden-Nederland, Locatie Utrecht. All (alleged) rights of claim not notified to the Organisor expire one year after the end of the Event from which these (alleged) rights arise (or, if the event has not taken place, one year after the original start date of the Event).

Final determination

Each Participant agrees to these General Terms and Conditions and regulations when registering for the Event. In all cases where these General Terms and Conditions do not provide, the Organisor decides.