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January : No event

February : Sunday 7th : BBQ Davis , Orford

March : Sunday 20th : Cryptic Run and luinch at 12 Stones restaurant, Pontville

April: Sunday 24th : Shannon's show and shine , Rosny Park , Hobart

May: Sunday 15th : Picnic at Ross (run by PVCC) ;

         Sat/Sun 21/22 Drive to Launceston ; dinner Levee Food Co. 21/3 , Sunday drive > Woolmers Estate Show & Shine

June: Sunday 26th : Drive to Port Arthur ; lunch Gabriel's restaurant

July: Saturday 16th Dinner  Ausmas : Rockwall Restaurant Hobart

August: Sunday 21st : Economy run Campbell Town to Swansea

September: Sunday 25th Symmons Plains track/motorkhana ,
... cancelled for operational reasons...

October: Saturday 15th President's dinner : Cornelian Bay Boathouse , Hobart : 

November: Sunday 13th PCT hillclimb Baskerville raceway : cancelled due to rain

December: Christmas function : Peppermint Bay Cruise & lunch