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It's your club ; the champion reflects the member who has contributed the most. Anyone can win!

Membership & Clubman & Club Championship rules/eligibility

Points calculation pdf

Any contentious issues regarding Club Awards shall be awarded by a majority decision of  the Club Committee.

Clubman of the Year - points:

PCT Clubman of the Year

2004 K Ridgers  N Daly

2005 Y Burghart  N Daly

2006 R Sheers   N Daly

2007 C Button   N Daly

2008 R Sheers   M Parker

2009 R Sheers  M Parker

2010 R Sheers  M Parker

2011 J Pooley  B Allison

2012 K Ridgers  B Allison

2013 K Ridgers  B Allison

2014 K Ridgers  B Allison

2015 K Ridgers  K Johnstone 



Club Champion

2015   Brian Shearer