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Porsche Club Georgia is an organization which is engaged with popularization of Porsche on the whole territory of Georgia and beyond. It unites people who differ from others with the excessive love towards Porsche brand. The goal of the club is to enlighten society with the necessary information about what Porsche cars represent throughout history, the feelings they deliver, the emotions. To familiarize with happiness which only appears by driving Porsche and the senses which become our daily components whether it will be while driving at work or going out with friends. Automobile integrated in autosport which simply becomes member of our families, companions of our life and expression of our personality. The mean of reaching tops and ideals is in every Porsche lovers soul. This is Porsche for us. Porsche Club Georgia is a young member of Porsche family. It promises various active and interesting days to every Porsche lover. Porsche is inseparable part of our life.