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General Information

Rustavi International Motopark is a multifunctional complex, which was built with private investments  of the businessman and racing car designer  Shota Apkhazava in 2011-2012. The track, buildings and the engineering system were built by the joint efforts of Georgian specialists in compliance with the requirements  of the International Automobile Federation (FIA).


The race track  is located on the right bank of the  river Mtkvari, along the highway Tbilisi-Red Bridge, in the distance of 20 km from the  historic center of the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi.  The MIA Agency Service Center Raceway and the largest car market throughout the Caucasian Region – Autopapa are located near the motopark.

The complex includes:

Racing  track with the  length  of 4.1 km, designed in  compliance with FIA category II requirements (any international competitions, including Formula 1,  currently in the  test mode)

Asphalt paddock with   15,800 m2 e area, used for various events.

Stands  -closed stands for 3000 seats,  open stands for 2000 and 3500 seats

Pit-building  with 28 FIA boxes , the race control tower, restaurant, VIP lounge, the press center.

Reception Center – the same office center, located in the entrance of the complex.

Car wash, parking network, gas station GULF.


Engineering Systems:

Racing track   video surveillance system – 28 cameras;

Traffic lights computer control system;

Dedicated  fiber-optic network;

Audio system on all stands;

Time-keeping system (3 sectors, entry and exit from the pit lane);


Dedicated TV  broadcasting system;

Online TV broadcasting system.


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