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                                                                                    Members are Porsche connoisseurs.
      They can be described as principal, visionary people, who appreciate clear strategies and effective timemanagement. Love for Porsche brings “Porsche Club Georgia” members together.
                                                                                            Porsche is the main thing.
                                                                                       Club members have next rights:


  • to participate in Club events;
  • to elect and be elected to Club governing body;
  • to participate in Club activity and affairs;
  • to get information about Club activities;
  • to have social and legal protection and help from the Organization;
  • to support all types of help, services and preferences established by Organization;
  • for their own intellectual property, copyright and related rights defense and for Organization support in such cases;
  • to be a member of other Organizations including international, which activities isn’t controversial to Law of Georgia and this Statute;
  • to propose the new ways of Organization activity, development and management;
  • to contest the Organization’s governing body and officials activity;
  • to leave the membership at any time by his own will provided that the member doesn’t have any obligations, treaties and contracts with the Organization;
  • to be the bearer of other rights connected with membership.


                                                                                         Members of Organization must:

  • perform this Statute demands, General Meeting and governing body resolutions;
  • facilitate aims and goals of Organization;
  • act in accordance with human, professional, corporal ethics and moral norms;
  • timely provide a membership fees payment according to a procedure established by governing body of Organization;
  • participate in Organization activities and ensure community services;
  • respect interests of other Organization members;
  • refrain themselves from actions that are able to harm the Organization activity;
  • not disclose the confidential information about Organization activity;
  • repair the material damage to Organization and/or members based on current legislation of Georgia.